When searching for a facility that offers Subacute Care New York City one stands out among the rest. Staten Island Care Center. This is a beautiful caring and compassionate nursing facility that offers excellent care with compassion and dignity.

Skilled Nursing Care New York City

Find Subacute Care In New York City

Whether your loved one requires long term or short term care, you will find exactly what you have been searching for at Staten Island Care Center. Call (718) 448-9000 today and speak with the representative regarding Subacute Care New York City.

You may inquire regarding insurance participation. Did you know that Staten Island Care Center participates in Medicare as well as Medicaid? Not sure if your loved one qualifies, they can offer your information for that as well.

Subacute Care New York City

Subacute Care New York City

If you would like, you may also schedule to take a tour of this wonderful caring facility. Come and see the state of the art gym where miracles happen on a daily basis.

Upon admission, your loved one will have an individualized care plan incorporating medical care, physical, occupational or speech therapies if required. There is a state of the art rehabilitation facility that offers relearning of task of living functions.

The goal of Subacute Care New York City is for the patient to reach their realistic goal and return home to a more independent lifestyle.