If your loved one requires the best in Orthopedic Care In Staten Island, consider Staten Island Care Center. They will assist with recovery for hip or knee replacement surgery, fracture care, traumatic injury, amputation and spinal surgery.

Orthopedic Care In Staten Island

Find Orthopedic Care On Staten Island

This quality of care facility has a stellar nursing team that cares for your loved one 24/7.

There is a wonderful, caring and compassionate therapy department consisting of physical, occupational and speech therapies. The state of the art gym offers sessions 7 days a week by qualified and certified therapists.

When admitted for Orthopedic Care Staten on Island your loved one will undergo as assessment. Based on their findings, the appropriate care plan will be established. Of course, the goal of this plan is for your loved one to return home to a more independent lifestyle.

Orthopedic Care In Staten Island

Orthopedic Care In Staten Island

In addition, there is a wonderful nutritional and dietary department that will make sure your loved one gets the proper nutrition and hydration that their recovery demands. Special dietary needs are adhered to.

Call (718) 448-9000 today and speak with the admissions representative regarding Orthopedic Care in Staten Island. They can assist you with direct from hospital admission, financial entitlements, insurance participation and bed availability.

Choosing Staten Island Care Center is the best opportunity for your loved one to reach their goal. Our testimonials speak for themselves.