Choose Staten Island Care Center for a facility that goes above and beyond when it comes to Cardiac Rehab New York City. They provide a full range of high-quality cardiac diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for patients with a variety of heart problems.

No matter what the case may be, they have got you covered. Whether it be coronary artery disease with plaques and clots increasing the heart attack risk, or heart valve disease causing narrow or leaky or diseased valves.

Other cases may include heart muscle weakness, infections that can affect the heart or the heart valves, or blood clots that form inside the heart chamber increasing the risk of stroke. Staten Island Care Center has the proper technology and innovative treatment it takes to handle cardiac rehab.

New York City Cardiac Rehab

Find Cardiac Rehab In New York City

Take a look at other facilities, and you too will see that none come close to Staten Island Care Center. Its no wonder they are a proud recipient of a 5-Star Rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), they provide the excellent care and comfortable environment you are looking for. They are also a #1 rated Nursing Home and Rehab Center.

Cardiac Care New York City

New York City Cardiac Rehab

Providing only top quality, well-coordinated care via expert professionals and the latest, most modern rehab technology.

By combining exercise with patient education, their program works to facilitate the return to an active lifestyle for patients recovering from a heart attack, coronary bypass surgery or angioplasty. Call or visit for Cardiac Rehab New York City.