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Our Facility

Staten Island Care Center

Founded on a tradition of health care excellence, Staten Island Care Center brings a unique combination of the highest quality of health care services and technological innovation. Our experienced, dedicated and compassionate facility staff ensures that the needs of each and every resident are satisfied.

Our well appointed facility, located in Staten Island, NY offers a warm, supportive and uplifting environment for post-hospitalization short-term rehabilitation patients and long-term residents alike.

Subacute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care on Staten Island

Staten Island Care Center is an exemplary provider of quality subacute rehab and skilled nursing care to Staten Island and the surrounding boroughs. For more than a quarter of a century we have cultivated an environment that combines warmth of care with clinical excellence.

Today, as a proud member of the Excelsior Care Group and its progressive vision of care, we are elevating our care delivery with extensive building renovations and new initiatives in orthopedic rehab and cardiac care. At Staten Island Care Center you will find a warm, welcoming and optimistic environment that is conducive to overall wellness and positive outcomes.

Proud to be rated 5 STARS for Quality Measures by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)



Five Gold Stars

One of the best visits I had in a long time. Doctor explained his findings in great detail so as a patient I understood what was going on. Would highly recommend this location for anyone else in need of an audiologist.

– Anthony Illiano, 2/15/2023

Five Gold Stars

“After a terrible experience at SI Hospital, I desperately looked to transfer my 68 year old cousin to a Rehab center. His 4 week stay at the hospital left him malnourished and de-hydrated. His early dementia got significantly worse and he couldn’t walk or talk. I was so fortunate to be referred to Staten Island Care Center. From Jade, who greets you at the front desk and kindly and efficiently guides visitors thru Covid protocol, to Maria, my cousin’s nurse on the 1st floor – everyone there exceeded my best possible expectation. He was treated with skill by enthusiastic therapists (OT, PT and Speech), and his aides made sure he ate his meals, spoon feeding him puré at first! All of this skillfully coordinated by Maria. Within just a few days he was back on his feet! In two weeks he was eating solid foods. I was simply amazed at his progress and the great care and concern of the staff. His social worker Jasmine made sure he received all related services, and Arlene, one of the aides, persevered with great compassion when my cousin had difficult days. To see them perform in such a difficult and demanding environment was heartwarming, and in eight magical weeks, my cousin was strong enough to return to his assisted living facility. Kudos to SI Care Center for the amazing work that they did.”

– Joseph Tirone, 2/4/2023

Five Gold Stars

“Therapy was excellent. Concierge was very helpful”

– Michael Madsen, 1/18/2023

Five Gold Stars

“The people are friendly, parking was available and my sister was happy to see me!”

– Jolene Ippolito, 1/11/2023

Five Gold Stars

“I have to say being here has been wonderful if you need ever be if you need love and care if you need to be helped and you need people who are honest genuine and real they have hearts and goals here I can’t think of any place better to come and get yourself back together again it’s been my pleasure to be here I’ve been here for a hundred days and I could not have had a happy 100 days if you get to me just please believe this from a 76 year old lady who really honestly who really and honestly love this place and all of the workers they are the greatest thank you for reading this and if you choose a place make it this one please love and respect Sharon Monaghan”

– Sharon Monaghan, 1/10/2023

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