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Subacute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care on Staten Island

Staten Island Care Center is an exemplary provider of quality subacute rehab and skilled nursing care to Staten Island and the surrounding boroughs. For more than a quarter of a century we have cultivated an environment that combines warmth of care with clinical excellence.

Today, as a proud member of the Excelsior Care Group and its progressive vision of care, we are elevating our care delivery with extensive building renovations and new initiatives in orthopedic rehab and cardiac care. At Staten Island Care Center you will find a warm, welcoming and optimistic environment that is conducive to overall wellness and positive outcomes.

Proud to be rated 5 STARS for Quality Measures by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)



Five Gold Stars

“SISCC is very efficient in keeping pts safe and Vistors as well, thank you for a good visit to see my brother.”

Joseph Vinson, 5/4/2022

Five Gold Stars

My mother stayed her for 5 months due to complications from Covid. Wonderful and helpful staff on the newly renovated 5th floor rehab floor. Just to name a few Mrs Benjamin, Tanya , Britney , Riccardo , Israel and many more. Thank you for everything a very positive experience. And to Stella and the therapy staff who did a wonderful job getting her to walk again.

Scott Maher, 4/27/2022

Five Gold Stars

“I got very good service here. The CNA’s and nurses took excellent care of me. The physical therapy staff is superb they got me back on my feet and that was not an easy task. The supervisory staff extremely helpful very much concerned for their patients and all my expectations have been met and I highly concur.”

Anthony Cammisa, 4/25/2022

Five Gold Stars

“This place really takes care of its patients. My dad who is 91 years was there and he received the best care. I can’t say enough about this care center. My family wants to take the time to personally acknowledge Ron who showers and got him ready for his dad and always with great conversation and a smile. Also Cheryl the nurse for the floor took such great care of him. His therapists Kristoff and Juben worked with him so wonderful. And last but not least Israel Tennenbaum who made sure my dad received everything he needed. Most of all the whole staff was wonderful…we just want to thank you guys for going over and beyond….”

– Donna Barisciano, 4/14/2022

Five Gold Stars

“My father was there a few times. I have zero complaints. This review is LONG overdue. He had broken his femur up near his hip and had surgery to repair it and needed physical therapy and rehab to regain use of his leg and return to being as independent as he could be at 86. His PT was a friggin God send. Eddie is and was PHENOMENAL. My father would tell me all about his sessions w/ Eddie and loved the attention and made solid progress w him and he was a great guy to talk with etc. It’s not only moving a person that makes a great PT. The personality and the motivation are key to making it all come together. Everyone at S.I.C.C. was always cheerful and he didn’t want for anything. The place was under construction on the floor adding all sorts of upgrades and it was STILL cleaner than the other homes I had checked out before settling here. My father ended up breaking more things and Eddie and the team at Staten Island Care Center were ready to receive him happily. He got along with everyone there as did I. I was the “cookie guy” and would bring cookies once a week while I still could. Another person that handled dad’s case was a woman named Yelena( I’m sorry if I butchered your name. ). She was also excellent and handled things like a pro even when the world went sideways during the pandemic. Everyone there helped to ease my mind bcuz when I had to leave him at night to return home , I knew he was in good hands. I don’t have a bad thing to say about this place or the people that worked there. Remember , respect works both ways. Treat people that are helping your family like you would want to be treated and the world would be a better place. I’ve since lost my dad in August. He was a warrior and Eddie and the team helped to keep him in fighting shape for way longer than anyone else could have. He had been to other places. I won’t mention names but one sounds like “beggars” and the place was a disaster area. He was there a week and had staph. Pneumonia and was failing very fast. The bed sores he had when he was transferred to the hospital were so extensive that a bunch of docs came in to measure and ask me where he was and how long etc. This was also during the pandemic. Clearly he was completely neglected. He wasn’t allowed a phone. If there were no laws , people would be on milk cartons. We were going to be on the news , that place and I. They didn’t know it but it was in the pipeline. Long story short , you want a place that respects the fact that you’re not putting your loved one in there to forget them like they did in willowbrook state. You are putting them in a place that is going to care for them while you go to work and they rehab them so they can return home to the people that love them. I would recommend Staten Island care center and their staff to anybody I care about. I’m sorry that it took me so long to leave this review. I appreciate you all. And thank you for really giving a damn about my dad. The people that worked closely with him hugged him good bye. It felt like leaving family to him. Thank you.”

– Dennis Glanton, 4/8/2022

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